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After spending most of the episode apart, Xena and Gabrielle reunite.  Whee teamwork! ….in the form of chariot chase trust exercises:


That looks like a safe thing for Gabrielle-not-used-to-riding-horses-at-all-whatsoever to be doing. Heck, I’m impressed she didn’t fall off when Xena first made her horse run.

What’s Xena’s horse’s name, anyway? Has it come up? (Don’t spoil it, I’m sure it’ll come up.)

I like our ladies’ dynamic of not really relating to each other and making weird faces at each other’s backs. There is room for improvement.


After finding out Little Bad is Gabrielle’s flame from the previous evening, Xena says, “Remind me sometime to talk to you about your taste in men.”

And if on-coming chariots hadn’t been in the way, she could have added, “Don’t bother, I’m right here.” (Well, maybe not at this stage. I haven’t seen any tantalizing subtext yet.)

Anyway, more battle!


crushed after discovering that the earth she’d been so desperate to reach was long dead, Number Three (D’Anna Biers) fell into a deep depression


deciding to remain after galactica left orbit, she began to explore the ruins that surrounded her. much to her surprise, she discovered an ancient (but still functioning) time machine and several unboxed copies of herself. determined to save earth from itself, the Number Threes traveled back in time to prevent the cylon race from ever being created. unfortunately, their inexperience with temporal mechanics bit them in the butt and they drastically overshot her goal time period and ended up in ancient greece. the trauma of time travel wiped their memories and left them comatose. the being known as ares, god of war, discovered them outside their damaged time machine. unsure of what to do with them but unwilling to squander such a unique opportunity, he implanted them in several key positions throughout greece. their memories were manipulated and appearances changed so they now believed themselves to be:


Priestess Leah of Hestia




Princess Diana


and, of course, Xena: Warrior Princess

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